How To Fit Exercise Into Any Schedule

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With today’s hectic lifestyle, it is easy to skip a workout. Many people don’t think they have enough time to fit in a daily exercise routine, however, there are many ways to fit physical activity into any schedule. There are many beneficial side effects of exercise including improving your overall health, aiding in weight loss, and reducing your stress levels. … Read More

Key Ways to Keep Weight Off As You Age

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As you age, it seems as though it gets harder and harder to keep excess weight off. When it comes to managing your weight, many people believe it’s just the calories you eat that matter, however, new research shows that this might not be true because not all calories are the same. In an ideal situation, the calories consumed versus … Read More

How Much Exercise is Enough?

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There are many conflicting ideas about how much exercise you should be getting and this may leave you with many unanswered questions. It is obvious that exercising has many health benefits, however, just how much exercise is enough? Is there such thing as too much exercise? In two recent studies published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal, these questions are … Read More

Is Sitting Down For Too Long Ruining Your Health?

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In our modern society, much of our time is spent sitting down. Whether you’re watching TV, sitting at a desk, or driving in a car, you aren’t moving around as much as your body should be. By spending many hours sitting with very little exercise, it has been shown to increase your chances of getting a cardiovascular disease, type 2 … Read More

The Key to Keeping Cool While Exercising

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With the temperatures rising, vacations being taken, and the weather getting nicer, many people are now going outside more often to exercise. Although exercise can be great for your body, if the temperature is too high and precautions aren’t taken, it can also be very harmful and dangerous. Since both exercise and warm weather raise your internal temperature, the combination … Read More

Exercising for 20 Minutes a Day Proves to Increase in Lifespan

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Does physical activity protect against chronic diseases and mortality because it aids weight loss, or does it give it’s own benefits independent of weight? According to a recent study by European researchers, engaging in a moderate exercise routine, even just completing twenty minutes per day of brisk walking, had been linked to reductions in mortality risk and increase in lifespan. … Read More

Conquering the Gym

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We all know how important it is to have a healthy diet, and for most of us that is all we need to change in our daily routine. But diet alone can’t change everything… Some people find gyms to be a place of intimidation, bulky men grunting as they lift weights twice their body weight. Even women wearing practically nothing … Read More