Conquering the Gym

JacquieFitness, Wellness

We all know how important it is to have a healthy diet, and for most of us that is all we need to change in our daily routine. But diet alone can’t change everything…

Some people find gyms to be a place of intimidation, bulky men grunting as they lift weights twice their body weight. Even women wearing practically nothing but a sports bra and tight shorts showing off what their momma gave them. But, in a recent trip to the gym I had a thought…What is everyone’s story? As I glanced around the gym seeing the women walking for 30 minutes on the treadmill drenched in sweat, the overweight man working so hard with a trainer he was as red as a tomato in the face, to the full zumba class getting their groove on to upbeat music blasting in the stereo, I thought to myself “who are they? what are they going through?” We see people at the gym in amazing shape but they are that way because they work hard. They come to the gym on a daily basis for reasons, we as people watchers, may not know. We don’t know anyones story just by looking at them.

I thought to myself you don’t know who is the athlete that may be recovering from a intense surgery just starting to get back strength, or the women trying to loose weight to better her heart to be cleared for a surgery, or the gym addict who loves the high their body feels after lifting heavy weights. We all don’t know, but that shouldn’t keep us from fighting the fear factor of the gym and going their for own reasons. Health is the one thing in this world it is absolutely 100% acceptable to be selfish about. It after all is, your body. When you walk into the doors of the gym be ready to have the best workout you’ve ever had no matter what stage of the game you are at. There are harsh people in this world that will criticize, but there are also people like me, who go to the gym just to stay healthy and feel good, who see the amount of courage it takes for you to walk into a gym packed full of people and workout. Start off slow, know your limits, and set goals each time you go to the gym. Plug in your headphones and jam out to the song that gets you off the coach on your feet and go!

Whoever you are, you are going to the gym for a reason, whatever that reason may be keep at it because eventually it will pay off. Those last 5 Lbs you are struggling to loose and you want to give up on…dont. Use what you see at the gym as motivation not intimidation. Conquer the gym!