How Much Calcium Is Enough?

JacquieNutrition, Wellness

Calcium is very important for the body. This is because muscles, nerves, veins, arteries and hormones all depend on calcium in order to work properly. If our diet doesn’t supply our body with the correct amount of calcium, then our body will take the calcium from our bones. This could lead to bones becoming weak and eventually they will break. However, with so many dietary recommendations out there, it is hard to know which to listen to.

Until new research is done to find out exactly how much calcium is too much or too little, experts recommend that people should get the daily recommendation of calcium through food, and only if they can’t get enough calcium in their normal diet should a supplement be taken. Calcium supplements can cause constipation, and they may even increase the risk for developing kidney stones, so it is best if they can be avoided. There is no benefit to getting more calcium than the recommendation daily amount and some say too much can be harmful.

Dairy is a huge source of calcium, however, leafy greens, seafood, legumes, and fruit also contain calcium and many foods and drinks are fortified with the mineral.