Importance of Eating More Protein at Breakfast

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Did you know that breakfast eaters usually weigh less than people who skip breakfast? So the old saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” may actually be true. Even if the breakfast choice isn’t the healthiest, people who eat any breakfast still tend to eat less throughout the day than individuals who skip this crucial meal. Plus, eating just a simple breakfast has been shows to improve mood and brain function in both children and adults.

Protein is a very filling nutrient because it is more difficult for the body to digest and absorb then other nutrients, such as carbohydrates. For example think of having eggs or chicken, vs. pasta or bread. According to a study done by the British Journal of Nutrition, when a person is cutting back on calories, eating a breakfast high in protein made participants feel fuller for a longer period of time than those who ate a low-protein meal. Often times, people think they are doing something good by eating a breakfast lower in calories, but usually this means it is higher in carbohydrates. However, this usually has an adverse effect because the lack of protein leads to increased feelings of hunger. In the long run, focusing on your diet as a whole and incorporating healthier nutrients into it will be more beneficial to weight loss than worrying about the amount of calories you’re consuming. Instead of going for foods lower in calories but higher in carbohydrates, choose a meal that is higher in protein and that leads to you feeling fuller longer.

Some of you may be thinking, then what should I eat for breakfast? Try substituting a bagel with cream cheese for a serving of fresh eggs and fruit. Another great substitution is trying skim milk along with a nutritious protein packed meal, instead of a fruit drink. Research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition as well as Nutrition Research, showed those who ate breakfast like the ones mentioned, were satisfied longer and come lunch, consumed fewer calories at lunch.

The healthier the breakfast, the healthier the rest of your day will be.



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