Key Ways to Keep Weight Off As You Age

JacquieFitness, Nutrition, Wellness

As you age, it seems as though it gets harder and harder to keep excess weight off. When it comes to managing your weight, many people believe it’s just the calories you eat that matter, however, new research shows that this might not be true because not all calories are the same. In an ideal situation, the calories consumed versus the calories burned would be a true measure of weight loss or gain. However, humans are very complex, and weight loss or gain doesn’t appear to be this simple.

New research shows that diets rich in protein with smaller amounts of low-quality carbohydrates, like white bread and potatoes, lead to less weight gain over a long period of time. Participants in one study, which took place over a 24 year period, consumed diets with red meats, chicken with skin, and regular cheese. These participants had a higher weight gain than participants that consumed milk, legumes, peanuts and eggs. The fat content in cheese and milk was not found to be a significant factor in weight gain, however, there was an association found between consuming red meats and weight gain.

Any diet can help you quickly lose weight in the short term by cutting calories, however, weight gain in the long run is more than just a matter of balancing calories in versus calories burned. Eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will help your waistline and overall health. In addition to this, think about where your calories come from. A 3 ounce piece of salmon and a baked potato both contain about 145 calories, however, the long term effects these foods have on your weight are quite different. Choosing calories that come from protein sources instead of low-quality carbohydrate sources will help you keep unwanted pounds off in the long run.