Living A Healthy Lifestyle It’s Always Worth It


Finding a balance can be hard when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Whether that means being happy with who you are or making the choice to better the person you know you can be. Being happy comes from the inside out. Finding the balance of life and all it has to offer can be hard, but its possible. Making the decision to be healthy on a day to day basis isn’t easy, but it’s possible. Going to the gym and watching intake of food isn’t easy…but it’s possible. Leading a healthy life is possible.

Find yourself losing interest in exercising and eating a healthy diet? Maybe you were gung ho for a few weeks and then your get-in-shape determination quickly faded — and you went back to your old, bad health habits. What if instead of making mega-changes with the all-or-nothing approach to weight loss and good health, you resolve to tackle a few simple changes at a time? Studies show that the health and weight loss habits that have the best chance of lasting are the ones that call for minor, doable changes.

According to Penny Kris-Etherton, PhD, a nutrition professor at Penn State University, the key is to take small, positive steps and move ahead consistently.  “People need to be realistic about the changes they can achieve.”

Consider the following to help you make small, positive steps each day…

-feel good about yourself today

-rethink your role model

-know what makes you overeat

-start off by making simple daily changes

-find good support

-forgive yourself

-never go hungry

-remember change takes time

Remember… it’s not always easy…but it is always worth it!!!