Is a Grocery List the Key to a Smaller Waistline?

JacquieNutrition, Wellness

Is a grocery list the key to a smaller waistline? According to some studies, the answer is yes. Creating a grocery list is a useful tool that makes eating healthy foods easier. Research has shown that shopping from a list, rather than aisle to aisle, helps keep consumers on track. This means they are less likely to fall into temptation from fancy advertising of food products that aren’t healthy because they are shopping with a specific purpose.

According to one study, published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, researchers surveyed residents in one area and found that people who shopped from a list tended to weigh less on average than their neighbors who did not use a list. Another group of researchers went into a lower-income neighborhood that has a lack of healthy food options and they collected the data of every person living in each house. Each individual was asked about their personal shopping habits, whether or not they used a list, and those who did, weighed at least 5 pounds less on average.  Although a set diet plan is a major part of weight loss, making a shopping list of only the products you need and sticking to it is an important part of maintaining a healthy weight.

Try planning your grocery list prior to going shopping. Thinking about what you actually need and not necessarily want you want or are craving in the moment is also helpful. It is a simple solution and a simple strategy to help cut out calories and fat from your diet, and it is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.