Rethink Your Drink

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Rethink Your Drink

It is common to think that most sugar intake comes from sweet foods such as cookies, cakes, pastries, chocolates and more. What many don’t know, is that the top source of added sugar and the single largest source of calories in the American diet is from sugar sweetened beverages. Studies show that half of U.S. adults drink at least one 12-ounce sugar sweetened beverage per day. This amount has been linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Some examples of sugar sweetened beverages are sodas, fruit drinks, vitamin water, energy drinks, lattes and other sweetened coffee drinks. This form of sugar intake delivers a rapid flood of sugar and calories to the body, which the body doesn’t regulate the same way it does when eating food. Instead, after consuming a sugar sweetened beverage, the body doesn’t feel full, and in return still needs nourishment from food, causing the calorie and sugar intake to be dangerously high.

There are many suggested alternatives to sugar sweetened beverages, including milks, diet sodas, and 100% fruit juices, but the winner for the best beverage for your body is definitely water. Squeeze some lemon or cucumber into your water and relax knowing it’s only doing great things for your body!


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