The MIND Diet

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The MIND Diet: What is it and why should we do it?

The MIND Diet is a diet based primarily around foods that are good for the brain. The foods that make up the MIND Diet consist of green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans, berries, fish, lean meat, and whole grains. Foods such as these promote a healthy brain, and lowers the risk of age related dementia.

Doctors have been vigorously researching ways to protect the brain and to keep it healthy. They discovered a pattern of eating, which they named, ‘The MIND Diet.’ The 2015 issue of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, showed that people whose diets were closest to the MIND dietary pattern had less cognitive decline.

Foods that make up the MIND Diet are the foods that hold properties that benefit and protect the brain. For example, vegetables are important for reducing cognitive decline, but more so leafy green vegetables, because they provide protection. Some leafy greens would include kale, spinach, collard, and romaine. The recommended intake of these is at least six times a week. Berries, such as blueberries and strawberries, have shown to decrease neuron loss and improve memory performance.

People who follow the MIND Diet have shown to have less cognitive decline. So let’s grab a plate and load it with brown rice, tuna and beans, with a side salad of kale and spinach, topped with nuts and fresh berries! Our brain will be thanking us later!


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